Koen Vincken

Founder & Product Manager

Koen Vincken graduated in Computer Science at the Technical University of Delft in 1989. He received his PhD at the University of Utrecht. Currently, he is Associate Professor at the Image Sciences Institute, dept. of radiology. He has developed several medical image processing applications in cooperation with other departments, like radiology, neurology, anatomy, orthopedics and rheumatology.

Christian Mol

Founder & Lead Developer

Christian Mol studied Computer Science in Eindhoven and received his MSc at the University of Utrecht in Artifical Intelligence. After graduating he has been working in medical image processing for several years. Currently, he is the main developer of the VQuest software.

Cécile Ravesloot

Founder & Medical Advisor

Cécile Ravesloot is a radiology resident at the UMC Utrecht. She will receive here PhD on March 24, 2016, with a thesis on digital education in radiology. It was her idea to build a system like VQuest, with a clear additional value for education in radiology, where image interpretation skill is an important aspect.

Ruben Callens

Founder & Business developer

Ruben Callens is a business developer and former CEO of the e-Learning company Elevate.