VQuest Creator is the tool for teachers to create questions with images and tests with questions. Every test can be automatically marked. VQuest Creator allows for:

  • separating question in different domains (like neurology, abdomen and so on for radiological questions)
  • add labels to any question
  • import data (like DICOM images) and manipulate them (e.g. cropping to reduce the size)
  • make new questions with one or more images
  • make and deliver new tests



Authentic testing with medical images

Using VQuest allows for realistic testing of students and determine the level of image interpretation skill.

VQuest offers similar image manipulation tools as a clinical workstation. Specialists continuously use two and three-dimensional digital images of the human body. They scroll through the stack of slices in any direction, change the viewing direction and adapt the window-level setting (contrast). Using VQuest, students learn how to interpret an image in a similar way. This way of testing has proven to be highly authentic and is close to daily practice in a hospital (see also Publications).


Testing with radiological images


Using VQuest you can create advanced question. Currently, the following question types are available.

  • multiple choice
  • multiple alternatives
  • longlistmenu (drop-down)
  • open question
  • marker question (indicate a location in an image)

All combinations of different question types are possible, each question may contain one or more sub-questions.

Using sub-questions, it is possible to simulate the image interpretation process. This way, you gain insight at what stage of the process of image interpretation the candidate is failing, or what knowledge is missing to answer the question. Below you see an example of a candidate that has answered all sub-questions correctly, except for the final one:



Automatic checking

A test is automatically checked. The results are tables with all questions and (given) answers, scores per question, etc. The tables can be used in a straightforward manner to do statistics.


Creating tests with multiple teachers

With VQuest all images, questions and tests can be shared with others. This way, it is simple to cooperate while developing tests, even if two teachers are at different locations. All the information used in a test (images, questions, etc.) can be re-used in other tests.

Statistics (under development)

VQuest can calculate statistical information of a test, for example:

  • What is the performance of a group of candidates?
  • What is the quality of each test question?
  • Which (incorrect) answers occur more than normally at a specific question?




VQuest can be applied to give feedback to students in multiple ways.

The strategy of a student can be monitored by logging every step of image manipulation and the answering of questions. After the test, all the individual actions can be played as a movie, that allows for individual feedback per student.

Such a movie can be compared with an expert movie, in which a specialist shows how a question can be answered quickly and efficiently. These movies can also be used as teaching material.