VQuest Examiner is meant for taking tests and giving feedback. Examiner can be used to test groups of students at a large scale, while all answers are written to a save (network) location. By presenting the given and the correct answers, candidates can get feedback on the test.


Testing with medical images

VQuest is primarily meant for people that have to investigate and examine digital radiological images in their profession. During training, the test environment should be as authentic as possible: close to (clinical) practice.

Specialists use two and three-dimensioonal images to diagnose patients. Images are being maniupulated in several ways to come to a conclusion. With VQuest, this environment is simulated very accurately to make each test realistic and authentic.

Looking into a test

After checking a test, the results can be shown to a candidate to check right and wrong answers. Other forms of feedback are viewing an expert movie, in which a specialist shows how a question can be answered efficiently. An example of such an expert movie is shown below: