Cooperation with researchers

VQuest is constantly evolving and used in various types of research. We are always interested in seeking collaboration with scientists who want to use VQuest to research:

  • eye-tracking movement
  • learning analytics
  • feedback in education
  • the validity of examining methods

We work with researchers in the medical and social sciences. As needed we can adjust VQuest to fit your research aims.

Would you like to explore the possibilities of a collaboration? Please use the contact page.


Current research projects

Currently, VQuest is being applied in different ways and in several countries. For example:

  • Prof. Bas de Leng (IfAS) is setting up a carousel of examination rooms with VQuest. Results can then be discussed in a central setting.
  • Anouk van der Gijp is using the multi-marker question type to score lung nodules at the University of San Francisco.
  • Susanne van Veluw (Neurology, UMC Utrecht) is using VQuest as testing tool to take tests of neurologists that have learned to score micro-infarcts in brain MRI. For these tests, also the multi-marker question type is used (see picture).

Finished projects

As of 2010 several research projects have been executed to the validity, reliability and practical implementations of testing image interpretation skills with VQuest.

The main conclusions are:

  • Students feel that testing with VQuest and volumetric data better resembles daily practice and should be used for training
  • Questions with three-dimensional images that can be manipulated have a higher reliability


Using grants of SURF the following projects have been finished:



  • Toetsing in beeld (Testing in the picture, 2011-2014)
    Quality improvement of digital testing with multi-dimensional images





  • IMAGE ME (2013-2014)
    IMage interpretation Assessment using loGs for Evaluation in Medical Education

Click here for an overview of recent publications on VQuest.