Using VQuest allows for realistic testing of students and determine the level of image interpretation skill.

VQuest Creator

VQuest offers similar image manipulation tools as a clinical workstation. Specialists continuously use two and three-dimensional digital images of the human body. They scroll through the stack of slices in any direction, change the viewing direction and adapt the window-level setting (contrast). Using VQuest, students learn how to interpret an image in a similar way. This way of testing has proven to be highly authentic and is close to daily practice in a hospital.

VQuest features movie


With a grant from the SURF foundation we have developed an online serious game to stimulate both motivation and learning activity for the training of image interpretation skills with volumetric data (e.g. CT-series). Currently, the game is only availaible in Dutch. You can create your own account and play the game by going to

Screenshots of the online game “The X-games”