Authentic testing with radiological images

VQuest is a testing tool for medical education with digital radiological images, that are being used in daily clinical practice. Students use similiar skills with VQuest as medical specialists: they scroll in all directions through the human body, manipulate the images if necessary and draw a conclusion.

Students are able to use VQuest for manipulating medical images: 

  • scrolling and zooming
  • changing of viewing direction
  • adapting contrast
  • varying the slab thickness
  • view expert movies

Teachers use VQuest as advanced testing tool:

  • advanced question types
  • simulating the image interpretation process by using sub-questions
  • adaptive testing according to a scenario
  • automatic checking of answers
  • individual and group feedback to students
  • creating tests with other teachers

What other people say about VQuest


Josephine Huige, radiologist in training and teacher of radiology at the University Medical Center Utrecht:

“A unique and high quality examination program that has taken examining in radiology education to a higher level. I cannot imagine that the biannual progress test until recently was still done on paper. The amount of image manipulation possibilities in practice are reflected in VQuest and the use of the program is intuitive. This way, full attention can be given to scoring the images, which is exactly the purpose of this test.”


Dik Rutgers, vice-tutor radiology University Medical Center Utrecht, president of the examination board for the Radiological Society of the Netherlands:

“Before VQuest there was no suitable software for radiological education and examining. VQuest has convincingly filled this gap. The options of the program have been extended, which allows teachers to test the scoring of advanced radiological images. The options for manipulating an image highly resemble the way radiologists work in daily practice.”

Annemarie den Harder, medical student University Medical Center Utrecht:

“The test is representative for all study material, including 3D image acquisition and scrolling through the images. The program is user-friendly and very intuitive.”

Corinne Tipker-Vos, project leader of the pilot tests with VQuest in the Amsterdam Medical Center and teacher in Radiology:

“The students and teachers were very excited about this program and would buy it as soon as possible. This is a tool that reflects how a radiologist is working in daily practice. The option to scroll in different directions through the stack of slices in an MR or CT image, while pathologies can be indicated in any viewing direction, is unique in the world of digital testing.”

Iris ten Kate, radiology resident at the Gelre Hospital in Apeldoorn:

“The program is very straightforward and user-friendly. I sincerely believe that VQuest can be of added value to other disciplines than radiology, like radiotherapy, nuclear science and pathology.”