VQuest is the leading solution for assessment in radiology. It allows for realistic assessment and learning of image interpretation skills representative of current clinical practice. We successfully administered exams in the medical field since 2010 in several European countries. VQuest can be easily implemented as a classroom or e-learning tool.

E-testing & e-learning for radiological professionals

Large scale testing in the TenT, VU Medical Center, Amsterdam

Benefits for teachers

  • Realistic assessment and learning with all imaging modalities, e.g. stacks, volumetric datasets, colored images
  • Specific question types and tools for images, e.g. marking structures, making overlays or segmentations
  • Allows for all regular (medical) image formats, e.g. Dicom, Tiff
  • Easy sharing of itembanks and image databases in the cloud
  • User friendly complete digital assessment program, including itembank management, review mode, statistical analyses

Benefits for students

  • High quality realistic assessment and education
  • Representative handling of images during the exam
  • User friendly assessment tool
  • Possibility to practice at home with the e-learning tool
  • Possibility to review your exams with feedback available

About us

We are developing VQuest in an academic setting with a unique combination of clinical and educational expertise, with specific technological expertise on radiological images.